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Restoration Services in Jackson, WY

For over ten years, we’ve been providing cleaning and restoration services to the residents of Southeastern Idaho, and we are proud to finally be able to offer cleaning and restoration services in Jackson, WY. 

Whether you need a full restoration service for a loss event or if mold has decided to take over your home, we can provide you with professional restoration services that are designed to reduce and remove the damage that can arise from both a residential and commercial disaster. From smoke and fire to water damage restoration and mold remediation, we strive to restore your home and belongings back to their pre-loss condition. 


If your Jackson home requires restoration, call the experts, Steamatic. We have 24/7 capabilities and will be there fast to assess what can be salvaged in your home and the steps required to do so. If you need restoration services, please feel free to contact us anytime or fill out the request for a service form located on the right side of this page.

Read on for more information about the restoration services in Jackson, WY, we provide and to see if we are a good fit for your home restoration needs.


Fire & Smoke Restoration in Jackson, WYfire and smoke - Restoration Services in Jackson, WY

A house fire can be a scary and devastating situation. After making sure all family members and pets are safe, the next thing you need to do is call your insurance company to alert them to the situation. Next you will want to contact a restoration company to assess the situation. 

We have seen first hand the devastation that a fire can cause to a commercial building or home. Smoke and fire can destroy homes and possessions, and the water used to put out the fire can add another layer of destruction to the property. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of families restore their homes and their much-loved possessions back to their pre-loss conditions. Using proven preventative measures to reduce the damage, we will adequately secure the area, including emergency board up. Additionally, we provide both on-site or pack out cleaning services to restore your greatest assets and possessions back to their original condition. Our proven methods will provide you and your family with less stress, peace of mind, and as few interruptions as possible. 

Water Damage Restoration in Jackson, WY

At first thought, it may not seem like it, but water damage in a home is one of the most destructive forces that can attack our house and belongings. Not only can it cause structures to literally crumble, but it can warp walls, create a structurally unsound environment, and is the leading proponent of mold growth in the home (more on that later.) Steamatic’s 24/7 capabilities allow us to be on call whenever you need us to get started on removing water damage from your home and belongings. When it comes to water damage, the sooner you can take care of the problem, the better. All of our certified restoration technicians are trained to minimize and eliminate the effects of water damage as soon as it happens to your home or business. Our high-grade monitoring and dring equipment are designed to ensure that your home and the contents in it are completely dry upon completion. Furthermore, when you hire a professional restoration company in Jackson to take care of your water damage issue, you can rest assured that your home and belongings will be restored within 100% of your satisfaction. We also make sure to prevent water damage from happening again in the future.

Mold Remediation in Jackson, WYspraying mold - Restoration Services in Jackson, WY

In the past few years, the negative effects that mold has on our health and our environment has become more apparent. 

Research shows that mold, particularly black mold, is toxic to human health and can have serious negative repercussions on our health if we are exposed to mold. When water damage is left untreated, or a home or business has moisture that is never given a chance to dry, mold can occur. One of the main problems that arise when moisture is present in the home, apart from structural issues, is the presence of mold. This is why it is crucial to hire restoration services in Jackson, WY, if your home has mold or water damage. Immediate remediation is critical to your home, belongings, and, most especially, you and your family’s health and wellbeing. 

There are many ways to find out if your home has water damage and possibly mold. You can find out how to look for the signs here. In the meantime, if your home or business has recently suffered a loss event that resulted in water damage or if your house needs a more recent mold inspection, contact Steamatic today. At our initial inspection, we will be able to discover if there is mold, how much, and what type of mold is present in the home. Once we have a baseline assessment, we will partner with your insurance company in order to move forward with an action plan for mold removal in Jackson. As restoration professionals, we use only the highest quality HEPA filtration equipment to properly and effectively treat and remove fungal contamination in your home or business. 

Storm & Wind Restoration in Jackson, WY

If you’ve ever had to deal with the aftermath of a severe storm, you know just how much wind, rain, hail, and snow can damage your property. Residents in both Southeastern Idaho and Jackson, WY have come to us for immediate professional help to restore their homes and belongings. When the storm hits, we work with your insurance company to provide you with storm and wind restoration services to bring your home and anything else that was damaged from the storm back to its initial condition. We make sure that you’re not left wondering who to call when disaster strikes; our 24/7 capabilities allow us to make sure that our experienced team is among the first responders.

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Don’t let a disaster or loss event turn your world upside down. For all of your cleaning and restoration needs, from carpet cleaning to mold remediation in Jackson, WY, Steamatic is here for you. Our family-oriented group of expertly trained restoration specialists makes sure to deliver the highest quality of customer services with results that you will be 100% satisfied with. Contact Steamatic today or request a restoration service in Jackson, WY.




When disaster strikes, Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. We are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

Request Emergency Response Now for Your Fire or Smoke Damage.


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