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Jackson, WY Cleaning Services

Along with our extensive restoration services, Steamatic has been providing uncompromising cleaning services for both residential homes and commercial businesses for over 50 years. Our restoration and cleaning company in Jackson, WY, believes that the job is never complete until you, the customer is 100% satisfied. When you hire us to complete any job, whether it be for cleaning or restoration in your home or business, we will employ all avenues of service to ensure that the job is done above industry standards. 

If you need to request a cleaning service in Jackson, WY, we invite you to contact us today. Whatever you need to be done, we can do it all. Please continue reading to learn more about the cleaning services we provide in Jackson, WY, and the surrounding areas.


HVAC & Air Duct Cleaning

Homes and businesses alike have the unfortunate tendency to collect dirt, debris, pollen, and other contaminants. This accumulation of dirt and debris can be found in our carpets, upholsteries, along with your home or businesses’ HVAC mechanical system. When grime, pollen, and other contaminants aren’t taken care of properly, they can negatively affect your family’s health and increase the risk of allergies and respiratory health risks. When you hire Steamatic for HVAC & Air Duct cleaning in Jackson, WY, we will use diagnostic cameras to evaluate the systems as well as look into source areas and ducting to clear away dirt and other debris at their source. 

When your HVAC system is free from all dust, dirt, and other contaminants, your system’s efficiency will sky-rocket! HVAC cleaning services will save you both money and maintenance costs in the long run. More importantly, a clean HVAC system will significantly improve your health and quality of life in the office or at your home. 

In addition to an on-call cleaning service for residential and commercial buildings, Steamatic also offers ongoing maintenance programs to increase the longevity of your systems and keep them performing at their very best. 

Carpet & Area Rug Cleaningcarpet cleaning - cleaning services in Jackson, WY

If you have carpets or area rugs, you know how easy it is for them to collect and trap dirt, mud, food, debris, etc. Even after just one day of thoroughly vacuuming your home, something always seems to surface the next day, especially if you have children or own pets. To help keep some of this dirt accumulation at bay, Steamatic uses powerful vacuums to extract the dirt and water, leaving your carpets clean, always soft, and free of odors. Our patented re-circulating systems remove dust and other particles all the way down to the root of the carpet fibers. These powerful vacuums keep the clean hot water circulating from the tank to the wand, so they won’t have the opportunity to cool down and not clean the carpet fibers of the carpet or area rugs properly. Once the job is complete, we will make sure that it is up to your standards and beyond. Then you will receive a follow-up call to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our work.

Furniture Cleaning

After a while, our furniture and upholstery can collect odors, dust, spills, ground-in dirt, and pet dander, just like our carpets. When these contaminants and other debris are left to compile, it can leave your furniture looking worn out, dull and dingy. Using the same cutting edge technology that we employ for all of our carpet cleaning services in Jackson, WY, Steamtic will breathe life back into your furnishing and upholstery. Our tools can be used on both fabric and upholstery as well as more delicate draperies and fabrics. We use the LAMBRITE® dry cleaning process to effectively and safely clean even the most sensitive of materials. Using this method, our system lifts out all stains and dirt gently, leaving your delicates intact and looking brand new within minutes. As part of an effective upkeep strategy, Steamtic recommends getting a professional cleaning for all carpets, area rugs, and furnishing every six months. For higher traffic areas, we suggest seasonal or every three months. 


Hard Surface Cleaning

For the most part, very few homes or businesses still have wall-to-wall carpet. In many Jackson, WY homes, and businesses, you’ll find at least one or two rooms that utilize a hard surface such as ceramic tiles, stone, marble tile, linoleum, or wood flooring. And just like carpets and upholstery, hard surfaces can trap dirt and debris. Furthermore, hard surfaces such as showers and countertops have been known to hold on to stains and harbor bacteria, which can lead to mold–something you never want in your home. To mitigate this potentially harmful build-up of dirt, debris, and bacteria, Steamatic provides surface appropriate cleaning products and tools that are proven to destroy destructive elements on contact. Our state-of-the-art tools are designed to efficiently clean ceramic tiles, marble, stone, granite, quarry tiles, and walls. We also will also clean and seal the grout to keep stains from returning once the job is complete. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning dryer vent - Cleaning services Jackson, WY

Have you noticed your dryer taking longer to dry your clothes? Is there a musty smell in your laundry room or on your clothes once you pull them from the dryer? If you answered yes to either of your questions, before you go out and buy a new dryer, you might need to have your dryer vent exhaust system professionally serviced. When a dryer vent is left to accumulate lint, hair, dirt, and other debris, it can become a potentially dangerous fire hazard. Our NADA certified technicians will use our patented equipment and technology to thoroughly clean and remove all dust, lint, and other contaminants to improve the performance of your system. This will help you save you time, energy, and ultimately money. 


At Steamatic, our number one goal is to provide all of our clients from Jackson, WY to Idaho Falls, ID and the surrounding areas with money-saving and asset protecting cleaning services. For over five decades, we have provided unparalleled cleaning and restoration services for our loyal customers. From detailed restorations to seasonal carpet maintenance and everything in between, we offer the benefits of having several contracts all under the same roof. 

For all your restoration and cleaning needs in Jackson, WY, contact Steamatic to schedule a restoration or cleaning service for your Jackson, WY business, or home.

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