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Jackson, WY Cleaning & Restoration Services

Whether you need a full, professional restoration service for your home after a loss event or just need your carpets freshened up, the team at Steamatic is ready to take on any job you throw our way, 24/7. 

We are a tight-knit, family-oriented group of expertly trained professionals who always strive to provide the best cleaning and restoration services while delivering the highest quality of customer service. When you work with us, you will feel like we are family. Because when you work with us, you become part of ours.

Our professional restoration services in Jackson, WY are designed to mitigate the damage that can arise from residential and commercial disasters. From fire and smoke restoration to water damage and mold remediation, we aim to restore your home, business, and belongings back to their pre-loss condition. Continue reading to learn more about our cleaning and restoration services.


Jackson, WY Restoration & Cleaning Services

Fire and Smoke Restoration 

After a house fire, many homeowners don’t know where to turn to or what their next step should be. The shock and fear of a house fire can leave many people stunned and scared that they might lose everything. Steamatic has seen first hand the devastation that a residential or commercial fire can cause and has helped hundreds of families and businesses in the area, restore their home and much-loved possessions. Our emergency fire and smoke restoration services in Jackson, WY include preventive measures to reduce further damage and correctly secure the property, including emergency board up, on-site, or pack out cleaning to restore your greatest asset and possessions back to their original condition. 

Water Damage Restorationdishwasher flooding - Jackson water damage

Water causes damage quickly and often on contact. Furthermore, the longer the water sits, the more damage it can cause. For this reason, water damage in Jackson, WY, must be addressed immediately to mitigate destructive and devastating results. As a certified structural drying company with 24/7 capabilities, Steamatic can turn any devastating loss from water damage into a minor inconvenience. All of our restoration and cleaning technicians are specially trained to minimize the effect of water damage as soon as it happens to your home, office, or business. Our state of the art drying and monitoring equipment are designed to ensure that the contents and structure of your home or business are 100% dry upon completion of the restoration process.

In addition to water damage restoration, we provide full plumbing services to the people of Jackson, WY. This includes leak and sewer repair, drain cleaning, water heater maintenance, and repair and sump pump maintenance. You can learn more about our plumbing services here

Mold Remediation

In recent years, the adverse effects that mold has on our bodies are just now being understood, which may be why, in part, mold has been receiving a lot more media attention. It is becoming clear that mold can have serious health effects if we are exposed to mold. Just as previously mentioned, water damage, if left sitting, can cause more damage. One of the main issues that occur when moisture is present is mold. This is why prompt water damage mitigation is crucial to not only the structure and contents of your home but also your health. 

If your home has recently suffered from water damage, or you have not had it inspected for mold in the last few years, contact us today. We will begin with an initial inspection that will provide us with accurate assessments to see if mold is present. Then we will work with your insurance company to create an action plan for removal. We use only the highest quality HEPA filtration equipment to treat and remediate fungal contamination. 

Wind & Storm Restorationhouse with smoke - Jackson, WY restoration and cleaning services

Across the United States, we are experiencing more frequent and severe wind catastrophes, and Jackson, WY residents have experienced the devastating effects that high winds and severe storm systems can cause. To combat excessive wind and storm damage, Steamatic provides a fully comprehensive wind damage restoration service along with partnering with major insurance companies to make sure that our team of restoration experts is among the first responders. 

Content Recovery

After a loss event, one of people’s biggest concerns (and rightly so) is the recovery of their contents and possessions. Steamatic utilizes a computerized pricing system that can create an inventory of all the materials that were immediately secured by our Recovery team. Depending on the extent of the damage, we will either remove the contents to a secure facility for restoration or clean contents on-location. During the restoration process, we offer property storage with inventory services. 

Arts & Document Recovery

Following a loss incident, valuable papers, important documents, medical records, books, works of art, etc. are usually not a total loss. As one of the leading restoration companies in Jackson, WY, we provide complete art and fine collectibles restoration, along with document recovery services. Through our partnership with The Conservation Center, we are able to provide critical art and document recovery from works of art on paper to furniture and decorative objects. 

Jackson, WY Cleaning Services

At Steamatic, the job is never complete until you, the customer, are 100% satisfied. We offer full cleaning services for both commercial buildings and residential homes. In addition to our unsurpassed array of cleaning and restoration services, we make sure to always go above and beyond in everything we do. Furthermore, we offer the benefits of several contractors all under one roof. 

Our number one goal is to provide our clients with money-saving and asset protection services, of which we’ve been able to offer for over five decades. From seasonal carpet maintenance to the detailed restoration of delicate fabrics and furniture, there has yet to be a cleaning challenge we haven’t solved in the fifty-plus years we’ve been around. 

When you work with us, you can be sure to receive courteous and reliable service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Continue reading to learn more about the cleaning services we offer in Jackson, WY.

Carpet & Area Rug Cleaningstain on carpet - Jackson, WY cleaning and restoration

Let’s face it, if you own pets, have children or happen to walk outside, your carpets and area rugs are going to trap the dirt and contaminants that you or someone else tracks in. We’ve been professional cleaning carpets and area rugs for over a decade. Our expertly trained team uses powerful vacuums to remove dirt and particles all the way to the base of the carpet fiber. Our patented re-circulating system keeps the clean, hot water moving from the tank to the wand, so it doesn’t have a chance to cool down. Powerful vacuums then extract the dirt and water, leaving your carpets clean, soft, and odor-free.

After the job is completed to your satisfaction, you will receive a follow-up call to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the job. 

Furniture Cleaning

Furniture is right behind carpet when it comes to ground-in dirt, odors, dust, spills, and pet danders. When these “issues” are left to accumulate, it leaves your furniture looking dull and dingy. Breathe life into your furnishings when you get it professionally cleaned by us! 

Using the same cutting edge technology of our hot-water extraction cleaning system that we use for carpets, we provide phenomenal results on fabric and upholstery. For more delicate fabrics and draperies, Steamatif offers our LAMBRITE® dry cleaning process to clean even the most delicate fabrics safely. This system gently lifts out all soils and stains safely, leaving your delicates dry within minutes. 

We recommend getting a professional cleaning every six months or season to keep your furniture and draperies looking brand new. 

Hard Surface Cleaning

Very few homes have wall-to-wall carpet anymore. In most modern homes, you will see various flooring materials such as ceramic tile, stone, or marble tile. Just like carpet and area rugs, these types of floors can collect dirt and debris over time. Additionally, most counter tops and shower surfaces (some of the most used surfaces in the home) are known to harbor bacteria that cause stains and, in some cases, may even lead to mold. Professional cleaning can mitigate harmful build-up. We offer the highest grade equipment and surface appropriate cleaning products for quarry tiles, ceramic tiles, marble, stone, granite, and walls. Furthermore, we clean and seal the grout to keep stains from returning in the future.

HVAC & Air Duct Cleaning

Unfortunately, our homes have the habit of collecting dirt, pollen, and contaminates. This debris can accumulate in our carpets as well as your home’s HVAC mechanical system. Using diagnostic cameras to evaluate the systems and look into source areas and ducting, Steamatic can remove dirt and debris at its source. A clean HVAC system will increase the efficiency of your system, which will save you both money and maintenance costs, and most importantly, will exponentially improve your family’s health and quality of life. In addition to on-call cleaning services in Jackson, WY, we also provide ongoing maintenance programs to ensure that your systems are always running at the highest quality standards. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Does it take your dryer way too long to dry your clothes? Do your clothes seem hotter than usual after the cycle? Do your clothes or laundry room have a musty smelly? If you answered yes, to any of these questions, it’s time to have your dryer vent exhaust system professionally cleaned. A dryer vent system that has not been adequately cleaned are serious fire hazards. Additionally, the removal of dust, lint, and other contaminants can improve the performance of the system, saving you time, energy, and money. Our NADCA certified technicians use the latest equipment and technology to clean your dryer vent system. 

For all your cleaning and restoration needs, you know who to call. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning or restoration service for your Jackson, WY home or business. We promise you’ll be 100% satisfied. 

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