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Flooded Home? Minimize Water Damage With These Five Tips


If you live in southeastern Idaho, you’re no stranger to water damage occurring in a home or business. In fact, there’s a good chance you know someone or have even experienced a flooded home yourself. Whether or not you have been a party to a flooded home or business, knowing what to do when disaster strikes is the best way to prevent water damage in Idaho Falls. 

 Turn Off Power and Remove Electronics

Not only does a flooded home have the potential to cause water damage, but it can also pose a potential threat in the form of electricity. Before entering a room or home that has standing water, especially if the water is above the wall outlets, disconnect the power. If you are unable to do so, call an Idaho Falls water damage restoration company or an electrician to do so. Once the power is disconnected, unplug, and remove electronics and any other items that can be easily removed from the home. The faster that you remove the items from the water, the higher chance you have of salvaging them.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Next, get rid of the water. If there isn’t too much standing water, you can use cups, buckets, towels, a shop vac, etc. However, if there is more than an inch of standing water, it’s best to leave this step to Idaho Falls water damage professionals. They have specialized vacuums and equipment that can remove water much faster than using the household supplies you may have on hand. 

Dry The Areaslide-water-damage - Idaho Falls water damage

Once the majority of the water has been removed or “soaked up,” you’ll want to dry the affected areas as soon as possible. If water is left to dry on its own in a home, it will cause mold. Open windows (if weather permits) and use fans and a dehumidifier to dry out the area. As Concrobium mold experts point out, if your drywall was affected, you’ll probably need to cut away areas, as the drywall will crumble, and the paper backing is an excellent food source for mold. 


When a home gets flooded, another thing you need to look out for in Idaho Falls, in addition to water damage and mold, is bacteria. In the event of home or business flooding, bacteria may have come up through the sewers and toilets. Getting rid of this bacteria is critical in keeping your family safe. Use a professional-grade disinfectant over the affected areas, once everything is completely dry. 

Call The ProfessionalsDishwasher overflowing - Idaho Falls water damage

No matter if you’re dealing with half of an inch of standing water in your bedroom or three feet of water throughout your entire home, calling the professionals should be at the top on your list. At Steamatic of Idaho Falls, we can help talk you through the process if necessary and will also provide you with comprehensive Idaho Falls water damage restoration services to ensure that your home and valuables are restored to their former glory.

Our mission is to minimize water damage as quickly as possible, call us anytime for 24/7 all emergency water damage services.

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